LIFE CARE HERBS ( LCH) is committed to meeting the needs of our customers and consumers in an environmentally  sound manner, through continuous improvement in environmental  performance in all our activities , management at all levels , jointly with employees , is responsible and will be held accountable for the company's environmental performance.

Accordingly, LCH' aims are to:
Ensure safety of its products and operation for the environment by using standards of environmental safety, which are scientifically sustainable and commonly acceptable . Develop to introduce and maintain environmental management system across the company to meet the company standards as well as statutory requirement for environment . Verify compliance with these standards through regular auditing . Assess environmental all of its activities and set continual improvement objection and targets and review these periodically to ensure that these are being met at the individual unit and corporate level. Reduce waist and conserve energy and explore opportunities for reuse and recycle. involve all employees in the implementation of the policy and provide appropriate training . provide for dissemination of information to employees in the implementation of the policy and provide appropriate training . Provide for dissemination of information to employees on environmental objectives and performance through suitable communication network .Encourage suppliers and co-packer to develop and employ environmentally superior process and ingredients and co-operate with other members of the supply chain improve overall environmental performance work in partner with external bodies and government, agencies to pramote environmental care , increase understanding of environmental issues and disseminate good practices.