Sameer Ahmed

  • We are Motivated by the Opportunity to Forge a Major Therapeutic Role for Nutrition in the Management of Health , Generation Value for People , Patients , Healthcare Professionals and the Healthcare System as a Whole.

  • We See a Growing need for Nutritional Innovation and Exciting Opportunities to Accelerate their Arrivals Societies are aging are age and Lifestyle Related Disease are Spiraling, Fueling the need for Safe , Effective and Co-Effective Solution At the Same Time , Scientific Understanding of Health , Disease and the Potentiality of Nutrition as an Integral Part of Managing Health and Disease- in Advancing.

  • We are Seizing the Opportunities ahead of us .We are not only Innovating and Building upon our Existing Consumer and Medical Nutrition Portfolio but also Investing in and Collaboration with Entrepreneurial Biotech Companies to Help Bring Market Transformation Therapies, in such as the Microbiome and Amino Acids . Our Pipeline is Strong and Balanced Across Each of Our Business Areas.